How to Voice Train Your Google Home Smart Speaker

Help the Google Assistant better understand you and the voices of other users. Here’s how to set up and train multiple voices via the company’s Home smart speakers.

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How to Voice Train Your Google Home Smart Speaker

The Google Home speaker is pretty good at recognizing when someone’s talking, but it can get tripped up. Sometimes Google will think you’re talking when you’re not or mishear your commands. Fortunately, you can train it to understand you better.

In fact, Google can learn to recognize your voice, distinct from everyone else in your house, reducing false positives and producing better results.

You can do all the voice training on your phone and Google will use that voice model to detect your commands on any smart speakers you own. Voice training is supported on most Google Home speakers, as well as the voice assistant on Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S9+ or the Motorola G6 Play. To get started, make sure you’re in a quiet place where your voice will be clearly heard.

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